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The Environment

We can live without many things, but not water.

Our planet has approximately 1400m cubic km of water – less than 0.001% of this is economically available for human use (

The worlds population is predicted to increase by one third to 8bn by 2030

Average demand for water in the UK alone is 150 litres per day per person – it has been rising by 1% each year since 1930

There is a limited supply of water and demand is increasing – life on earth will not survive without water!

Reducing water use saves energy – it reduces your carbon footprint – we can each help the water industry save energy – they are one of the biggest users of energy treating and pumping water to consumers and businesses

You can reduce your water use easily, without any negative impact on your daily standard of living.

We can help you save water – 10 useful tips below and links to our great water saving devices.

Step 1 - a hippo-style water saving device Fit a Save-a-Flush®
Step 2 Take a Shower instead of a bath – this will save 2/3rds of the water. Beware power showers – you can use as much as a bath in around 5 minutes
Step 3 Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth can save 5 litres of fresh water a minute
Step 4 Repair dripping taps or leaking toilets
Step 5 Wash your car with a bucket and not a hose
Step 1 Fit a water butt – you may be able to get a subsidised water butt from your local water provider
Step 2 Only use the washing machine and dishwasher when fully loaded
Step 3 Only boil the amount of water you need in the kettle
Step 4 Use a watering can and not a hose to water the garden
Step 5 When replacing your dishwasher or washing machine look for a water efficient model
Save-a-Flush Save water at home Save water at work