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Domestic and Commercial Water Saving Devices

Suppliers of Award-Winning Cistern Displacement Devices

Dry Planet is a family owned business dedicated to helping people save water at home and in commercial settings whilst also helping improve the environment and well-being of those in the developing world.

Our range of commercial and domestic water saving devices can help you save money and improve the environment, while maintaining high levels of hygiene.

Through our market leading, award winning cistern displacement device, the Save-a-Flush, we are currently helping to save around 50 million litres of water every day - that is 20 Olympic sized swimming pools, every day. Our aim is to grow this to 50 billion litres every year.

Save-a-Flush is the market leading cistern displacement device, used by all the major UK water companies across domestic and commercial properties, receiving recommendations, approvals and awards from:-

Australian Save Water Awards

Our water saving device, Save-a-Flush has also been used in major corporate sustainability campaigns:-


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