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Dry Planet's Water Offset™ scheme is a world's first. It's the first scheme launched globally that helps organistions offset their water use in day to day business. There’s no expensive 'audit' it's a simple case of taking action, then working out the effect using simple maths.

It's simple, it's cost effective and its direct – your business really can make a difference.

Step 1 Find out what your annual water use is by looking at your water bill
Step 2 Distribute our Water Offset packs to your staff
Step 3 Distribute our Water Offset packs to your customers
Step 4 Tell your customers and your employees your business is committed to saving water!

Have a look at one of our Case Studies to read about organisations that are leading the way in saving water by using Dry Planets Water Offset:

Kimberly-Clark click here to read more about their water offset program in the USA

Nedbank click here to read more about the water offset program in South Africa.

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