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Water Offset™ has been designed to provide a mechanism whereby business can directly reduce the water consumption within its reach using a simple and cost effective technological solution which will offset the water that the business uses in its day to day workings.

We say "reach" because every business reaches out to many people and households in different ways, be it staff, customers, suppliers etc. We say "direct" because our offset solution is not, for instance, to donate to a charitable cause to dig deeper wells in the Sudan but to give a simple, unique, piece of technology to each person within its reach which will guarantee if fitted they reduce their water consumption.

It's simple:

Step 1 Just find out what your annual water use is by looking at your water bill
Step 2 Distribute a Water Offset Pack to each of your staff as part of your corporate responsibility programme. Each pack contains 2 Save-a-Flush® bags, a sticker and some more information about saving water. They can be branded and changed for your businesses requirements. We'll even give you a couple of posters for you to put up! Put Save-a-Flush’s in the toilets at work too and your business will start to save a significant amount of water for you to offset against your own water usage.
Step 3 Calculate your savings (how do I do this?)
Step 4 Tell everyone!
Step 5 Why not send Water Offset packs to all of your customers? It’s a great way of promoting your business in s cost effective & conscious effective way: Telling your customers you work with Dry Planet not only saves water – its great PR!

It's cost effective – for a small investment you can save water now, and in the long run, as the Water Offset packs' work away saving water on your behalf.

Save-a-Flush Save water at home Save water at work