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How do I calculate my water saving…?

It's simple if you have three facts:

Step 1 OFWAT assume that 70% of all water saving devices that are distributed are installed
Step 2 Each toilet is flushed 5 times on average every day, 365 days a year
Step 3 Each device saves 1 litre of water per flush once fitted

So if you distribute 100 packs, with 2 Dry Planet Save-a-Flushes in each one you’ll be giving away 200 devices. If we assume that 80% are fitted then

160 devices x 5 litres x 365 days = 292,000 litres of water saved!
Just take 292,000 litres from your annual usage.

And don't forget – you're not just saving water but saving carbon too as every litre of water is treated and pumped around the country.

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