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The Water Industry / Water Efficiency Strategy

We currently work with most of the water companies in the UK including Thames Water, Severn Trent Water, United Utilities, Anglian Water, Southern Water, Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water. These companies use the Save-a-Flush® as part of an integrated efficiency strategy which includes education, local events, working with schools and specific measures such as fitting water butts and Save-a-Flushes. For larger quantities we can print ‘own branded’ Save-a-Flush with company logos, measures or/and contact information on.

The Save-a-Flush is distributed free from most water companies and we supply many 100,000’s as part of their water efficiency strategy. For the first time 2007 saw OFWAT, the water regulator, set efficiency targets for the Water Industry and as such we have started to work with even more companies to help them achieve these targets in 2008 onwards.

We're currently working on new products to help save water and we hope to introduce these in the next few months.

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